Honors Biology

Honors Biology curriculum is structured around a series of major themes that includes biology and everyday life, chemical basis of life, anatomy and physiology of cells, chemical energy, , cellular reproduction, genetics, concepts of evolution and biological diversity. The material presented in the honors course will be offered at an accelerated pace with the student being expected to do more reading and independent written work. This course will demand that the student have excellent organizational skills as well as above average reading comprehension. Several projects will be completed during the year with emphasis on experiencing the scientific method via laboratory experience, independent library research, and application and synthesis of material presented. Testing methods will require memorization of scientific terminology but will concentrate on application and synthesis of concepts learned in class and from research assignments. Each student will be evaluated in the following area: test, quizzes, homework, projects, class participation, notebooks, laboratory experiences, and in class assignments. The final grade will be an average of all four quarters, and final exam.