This year I will be teaching CP Biology, Honors Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology.
All of these courses contain rigorous academic content and will be presented in an accelerated pace and depth.  The Biology courses are centered around a series of major themes: scientific process, basic chemistry, organic molecules of life, cellular anatomy and physiology, genetics, evolution and ecology.  Laboratory activities will stress the development of skills such as observation, recording, experimental design and interpretation and analysis of data. Students will develop organizational, communication and note taking skills.  The curriculum of both of these courses are aligned with both  PA State Standards and Keystone Standards.
Anatomy and Physiology is an elective course intended for students interested in pursuing higher education in the medical or biological fields of science. The course is structured around a series of major themes: medical terminology, organization of the body, characteristics of life, cellular anatomy and physiology, histology, skeletal system, muscular system and the nervous system. Laboratory activities will support and enrich lecture materials. Students taking this course are required to have organizational skills, efficient note taking skills and communication skills.